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The village is famous for its fish restaurants, while in summer it attracts people from all the neighboring regions of Messinia. Opposite the village is the island of Proti.

Around the Marathópolis will find beautiful sandy beaches.

A small daily cruise will travel you to the indefinite past. Northern of Marathoupoli (2 km) is the magical beach Lagouvardos (attracts surfers), south (3.5 km) beach Agia Sotira and just below (2 km) is the popular beach Mati.

Proti Island with the monastery of Panagia Gorgopigi. According to tradition, the icon of Panagia was found on the seashore of the island. Interestingly natural terrain. The island, which was base for pirates, there are remains of ancient fortifications and ancient inscriptions on rocks.

The Sunset beautiful. A magical moment that creates a romantic atmosphere to enjoy the end of the day!